2014 Tim Horton’s Brier in Kamloops

Feb 25th 2014

The 2010 Olympics changed so many things in our country.  It’s hard to believe it has been 4 years!  As The Canadian Olympians begin their surge to the podium once again in Sochi, the pride and energy felt in 2010 is back!  Muscle has memory!  I was not in Kamloops during the 2010 games, but I was fortunate enough to be living in Whistler.  It was an amazing time, and did in fact exceed my expectations.  I had so many opportunities to meet Olympians from around the world; it was truly a time I will always remember.  The scene around Whistler Village; smiles on everyone’s face, international colours, going to bobsleigh, luge, downhill skiing…. media, celebrities, secret service escorting Vice-President Joe Biden; what a site!   Going to Vancouver and attend the Quarter-Finals Hockey Game versus Germany  (we won 6-1, I recall) was a rare experience and an unbelievable environment…but going to Ski Jumping and hearing the Polish fans cheering on their jumper  “Polska, Polska, Polska” was drowned out only by the Swiss fans cheering on the eventual gold medalist “Adam, Adam, Adam” as he jumped to that was something I never expected!  It still gives me chills.  Go Canada Go!

That same Pride will roll in to Kamloops for the 2014 Tim Horton’s Brier – March 1-8.  Fresh off the backs of the biggest international event on the world stage from Sochi, the best curlers in the world will gather in Kamloops.  This time, they are all Canadians !  It should be a fantastic time in Kamloops, and for those that have never been to such an event it is a MAJOR party.  The Brier patch is the place to be for that party and I am again looking forward to having our hotels in the middle of all the action. There are still many great tickets available and a few hotel rooms left in downtown Kamloops.   To book your Kamloops accommodations during this event visit Hotel 540 or The Thompson Hotel.